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Meet the Spiriplayer: a compact device that can play all solfeggio frequencies. Whether you want to experience the sound alone or in combination with music, the Spiriplayer offers it all.

The Spiri Player has a soft and warm night light that stimulates the production of melatonin to help the body relax.

The Spiriplayer is designed to support your spiritual journey, wherever you are. Thanks to the USB-C charging option, you can easily charge it and take it anywhere. The compact size and light weight ensure that the Spiriplayer fits in virtually any bag, giving you always access to the healing frequencies you desire.

Discover the power of sound and light with the Spiriplayer and immerse yourself in the world of healing vibrations. Bring balance and harmony to your life with this handy and portable device. Choose the Spiriplayer and let your spiritual journey begin, wherever you are.

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